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For the best instant lawn in South Africa, contact us for instant lawn or Turf! We supply a wide range of instant lawn installation at the best prices. Acquire the Lawn Tools, Fertiliser & Grass seed you need at Backyard Bushveld. We supply a selection of Quality Turf care products to suite your needs.
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With us you are not just a number, we value all our clients and their individual garden needs, our staff is professional and efficient, our service is swift and affordable.

We deliver across the Gauteng region.

We have partnered with the best grass growers in the business to ensure that we always deliver the perfect spec of grass every time. Give us a try.

We also deliver lawn dressing, compost and Top soil to both domestic markets and both commercial. We will always offer the best price in the market.

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Our phone lines are always available. Speak to one of our consultants to make sure your every gardening need is met. We are always there to give a helping hand

Our Products

Kikuyu Grass

The tropical grass species Pennisetum clandestinum is known by several common names, most often kikuyu grass, as it is native to the region of East Africa.


evergreen is the grass remains green throughout the year, Evergreen grass requires more maintenance.All Seasons Evergreen is designed to grow in full sun and semi-shade conditions.

All Season Grass

Very tough grains and does not thin out during winter, which makes it a perfect candidate for most low maintenance establishments.

Turfspot Grass

Very fine grain of grass with a soft feel. Usually used in sports establishments. This grass evens out quite well and is quite fast growing.

Elem Grass

This grass type has outstanding shade tolerance. This makes it ideal to be planted in indoor establishments and places that do not generally receive much sun.


Golf course  is the grass covering golf courses, which is used as a playing surface in the sport of golf. The grass is carefully maintained by a greenskeeper to control weeds, insects and to introduce nutrients such as nitrogen fertilization.